Top 595 Gardens & Parks in the world

Taipei City, Taiwan

228 Peace Memorial Park (二二八和平公园)

A peaceful memorial remembering those that died in the war for civilian rights.

Big Island, United States of America

Akaka Falls State Park

A small park hiding astounding natural treasures.

Akashi, Japan

Akashi Park

Floral fun for the family.

Delhi, India


Hindu cultural immersion at its finest.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Al Mamzar Beach Park

Discover Dubai’s stunning hidden gem.

Muscat, Oman

Al Riyam Park

Unique landscapes are always worth a visit, and this one is certainly a change from your usual neighbourhood park.

Mexico City, Mexico

Alameda Central

The trees whisper tales of the past here at Alameda Central.

Seville, Spain

Alameda de Hercules

The perfect garden to be at, be enticed by all of its old school charm.

Seville, Spain

Alamillo Park

Find respite from Seville’s blazing heat at this beautiful park.

Auckland, New Zealand

Albert Park

Escape from the noise of the city into nature at this happy little park!

Moscow, Russia

Alexander Garden, Moscow

Beautiful, historic gardens – perfect for a relaxing afternoon.

Island of Kauai, United States of America

Allerton Garden

Get in touch with nature at the magnificent Allerton Gardens.

Jacksonville, United States of America

Amelia Island State Park

A pristine state park, an irresistible tourist attraction and a haven for endangered wildlife.

Utrecht, Netherlands


A delightful woodland estate with gardens, a museum, cafés, and more.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdamse Bos

A city park boasting beautiful impressions of scenic landscapes and an abundance of activities.

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