Top 212 destinations in Norway

Oslo, Norway

Aker Brygge Pier

Enjoy the sun and the activity of the pier.

Oslo, Norway

Akerselva River

A slice of life in Oslo.

Oslo, Norway

Akershus Fortress

Where military history and architecture meet.

Ålesund, Norway

Ålesund Church

Quaint, tree-lined parish church in the heart of the town of Ålesund.

Ålesund, Norway

Alnes Lighthouse

A quintessential red and white striped lighthouse perched on a grassy peninsula.

Alta, Norway

Alta Museum

Get a glimpse into ancient life.

Alta, Norway


History combined with a fantastic view.

Tranøy, Norway

Ånderdalen National Park

Ånderdalen National Park displays Northern Norway’s diverse terrain, unique wildlife and rich history.

Tromsø, Norway

Arctic Cathedral

A beautiful triangular parish church in Tromsø.

Haugesund, Norway

Arquebus War Museum

One of Norway’s largest museum collections.

Oslo, Norway

Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art

A truly chic display of Modern Art.

Averøy, Norway

Atlantic Ocean Road

Coast through the world’s most beautiful (or the most dangerous?) drive.

Oslo, Norway

Barcode Project Bridge

Adorning the Oslo skyline with a barcode.

Bergen, Norway

Bergenhus Fortress

A medieval fortress with gorgeous stone architecture.

Luster, Norway


Complete your Jostedal experience with an informative visit to Breheimsenteret.

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