Auckland, New Zealand
Albert Park

Escape from the noise of the city into nature at this happy little park!

One of the most beautiful parks in Auckland, Albert Park is a delightful little spot full of lush green trees and colourful blooming flora. Located in the heart of the city, the Victorian-styled Albert Park also serves as a little escape from the humdrum of the local city life.

A perfect little picnic spot, the park is especially popular during lunchtime. Local workers and travellers alike make use of the park’s relaxing ambience to unwind and munch on delicious snacks. Stroll around the park and take in the beautiful sights of a Victorian fountain adorned with sculptures of dolphins and cherubs, a bronze statue of Queen Victoria, and pay respects at the Boer War memorial.

Albert Park is also situated right by one of the earliest volcanoes in the Auckland volcanic field, making it a fascinating park for those interested in geology too! So grab some snacks and make your way down to the beautiful, green and colourful Albert Park and unwind in this little pleasant spot in the city.

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Tips Before You Go
The Albert Park is situated right next to the Auckland Art Gallery, which houses New Zealand’s largest and arguably its most diverse range of art collections. Hence, if you’re an art aficionado, you may want to plan your trip accordingly to visit both attractions!
Bowen Ln, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand