Seville, Spain
Alameda de Hercules

The perfect garden to be at, be enticed by all of its old school charm.

The oldest public garden in Europe, the Alameda de Hercules is also known as the garden square. A beautiful square, the Alameda de Hercules is no saint, bearing a rather troubled past. From the time where the state of the square was devastating as a result of the Civil War, to its more sordid past, a home to many prostitution brothels.

In spite of that, Alameda de Hercules eventually took on a new life, now a vibrant park, reminiscent of typical European streets. Protected by the 2 Roman pillars of Hercules and Julius Caesar, both men have been known to be the founders of the square, with Hercules recognized as the mythological founder and the latter as the restorer of the city. The garden square is now a popular park for all, be it tourists or locals. The mere experience of walking through a park enticing, surrounded by the poplars that keep you well-shaded. Engulfed by the feeling of peace and serenity, it is as if time stood still at that very moment, and you, are the only one, privy to the charms of the park. The square boasts 3 fountains, one at each end, and the final one in the centre. Easily identified by the blue and white stones coloured area they are located at, a contrast to the traditional, ochre-coloured stones that plaster the bulk of the park. The Alameda de Hercules has managed to maintain its charms, withstanding the test of time, an iconic park of Seville.

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Tips Before You Go
Boasting a lively nightlife, Alameda de Hercules is buzzing with life at night, with many tapas and bars to visit.
Alameda de Hércules, 41002 Sevilla, Spain