Utrecht, Netherlands

A delightful woodland estate with gardens, a museum, cafés, and more.

The sprawling lands of Amelisweerd are suburban utopia. Located on the eastern outskirts of the city of Utrecht, Amelisweerd offers much to do – from peaceful wooded hikes through towering trees to a leisurely gander of art exhibits in the museum MOA. Housed within a 13th century country house, MOA showcases art pieces ranging from Chinese wallpaper to evocative contemporary art. You can pop over to the café nearby to try their wholly organic menu as you watch the bakers’ nimble hands work their magic through the window. If you crave a little more nature, you can visit the estate’s organic vegetable gardens to shop for fresh produce, or the farmland and orchard to experience farm life yourself. Within the woodland itself, you can rent boats to cruise down its winding river or revel in the nature festivals of music and fun. It may seem impossible to see all of Amelisweerd within a day – and you can opt to stay at the rustic hostel nearby to fully immerse in the serene lands of Amelisweerd. But even if you spend a day here at Amelisweerd, it is enough to have a taste of what it is like to own lands this huge.

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Tips Before You Go
Make sure to obtain a map of Amelisweerd online before visiting!
3981 Bunnik, Netherlands