Muscat, Oman
Al Riyam Park

Unique landscapes are always worth a visit, and this one is certainly a change from your usual neighbourhood park.

Your eye will naturally be drawn to the massive white tower bearing a striking resemblance to an incense burner that dominates the skyline. From this watch tower that is perched atop a hill, you can get enchanting views of the harbor like no where else in Muscat, and if you turn to look inland, Muscat city expands below in all its sweeping majesty. An oasis of lush greenery bordered by the brilliant blue sea, it’s like stepping into a magical land akin to the world of Aladdin. Sparkling blue water features, hills rising in the background and glittering ornate statues transport you to a mini haven of luxury.

The nearby corniche mutrah is a stretch of 19th century merchants’ houses along the seafront. Colourful minarets are dotted throughout, and at dusk a pinkish, golden hue shimmers on the water and lends the whole scene a fairytale effect. A maze of cramped alleyways packed with copper coffee pots, traditional wares and women wearing abaya’s and haggling fish mongers – it doesn’t get more authentic than this.

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Tips Before You Go
On weekends, a small fun fair is set up which children and adults alike can enjoy. There are also popular hiking trails and bike ride paths that will provide scenic views of buildings and the sea. The best time to visit is sunset, when the shadows cast on the mountainous background are particularly striking.
Riyam St, Muscat, Oman