Top 235 Zoos & Aquariums in the world

Havana, Cuba

Acuario Nacional

The national aquarium of Cuba, focusing on research and environmental education since 1960.

Seville, Spain

Acuario de Sevilla

Bringing you around the world full circle to be amazed by the myriad creatures that call the ocean their home.

Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp Zoo

A delightful menagerie of exotic animals from all around the world.

Kuala Lumpur City, Malaysia

Aquaria KLCC

Travel through the open waters of the Pacific, the winding rivers of the Brazilian Amazon and up the tropical forest planes of Malaysia in a single day at the Aquaria KLCC.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Aquário Marinho do Rio de Janeiro

A state of the art aquarium where you can discover the wonders of the deep blue seas.

Barcelona, Spain

Aquarium Barcelona

When in Spain, go swimming with the sharks.

Quebec City, Canada

Aquarium du Québec

An extensive aquarium with over 10,000 animal specimens.

San Francisco, United States of America

Aquarium of the Bay

Enjoy getting intimate with local marine life at this fascinating aquarium.

Rhodes, Greece

Aquarium of Rhodes

A research centre, aquarium and museum all-in-one!

Long Beach, United States of America

Aquarium of the Pacific

Chronicling life across a single ocean and a million diverse microhabitats.

Lausanne, Switzerland

AQUATIS Aquarium-Vivarium

AQUATIS: A Noah’s ark of the future for creatures fleeing the tainted waters of the world.

Spata, Greece

Attica Zoological Park

A stunning zoo with a diverse range of lively animals and a heart for wildlife conservation.

Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland Zoo

Calling all animal lovers to the fun-filled Auckland zoo!

Gianyar, Indonesia

Bali Bird Park

Avian paradise.

Ubud, Indonesia

Bali Elephant Camp

A unique elephant trek experience.

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