About Us

As avid fans of DIY itineraries ourselves, planning trips have definitely been an enjoyable albeit time-consuming process for us. The crucial need to obtain vital information to contribute to that solid itinerary that everyone will enjoy, is what keeps you fired up for hours or days on the World Wide Web, searching for every travel gem that you can find. In addition, the preferences of your travel buddies also affect the way the trip is planned, which translates to more thought and more specific research necessary for the best outcome.

However, the ability to obtain a list of places to visit, based specifically on one’s individual preferences, simply with the click of a button is still in lack, resulting in more work for the planner. Hence, this sparked off an idea: why not change the way travel websites provide information and simply go straight to what each traveller needs? This means revolutionizing the way people search by helping to think for the users – eliminating the conventional process of brainstorming what attractions suit your travel buddies according to their profile.

How Do We Do That?

Glad you asked. Our solution is an idea generation platform that helps users to shortlist points of interests specific to your felt needs. This means simply inputting your needs and requests for the trip via a filter system (just like how you shop on e-commerce websites), and WOWABOUTS will churn out a list of potential ideas just for you. It’s truly as simple as online shopping – tick as many (or as few) checkboxes as you’d like and we will furnish you with ideal locations that match the requirements of your trip.

Thereafter, every traveller will still have the flexibility to pick and select what truly interests you and try out what ignites your passions, but this time, well-equipped with a targeted guide that points you in the direction led by your own uniquely specified conditions.

So go forth and explore limitless WOWABOUTS across the planet with us!