Top 187 destinations in Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands

A’DAM Lookout and Over The Edge Swing

Daredevils will delight in Europe’s highest swing, offering unparalleled panoramic views of the amazing city of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Albert Cuypmarkt

Savour authentic Dutch street food and get lost in this shopper’s paradise.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Allard Pierson Museum

Come and experience the historical wonders of the old world in Amsterdam’s only archaeological museum.

Utrecht, Netherlands


A delightful woodland estate with gardens, a museum, cafés, and more.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam Centraal Station

The transport hub of Amsterdam has everything a traveler could possibly need, housed within a beautiful building.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam Cheese Museum

Cheese lovers will rejoice with free cheese tasting and the wonderful opportunity to learn more about the history and production of Dutch cheese.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam Tulip Museum

For those eager to learn the history of the Netherlands’ love for the Tulip.

Haarlem, Netherlands

Amsterdamse Poort, Haarlem

Haarlem’s only city gate left standing provides a valuable glimpse into life during Medieval times.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdamse Bos

A city park boasting beautiful impressions of scenic landscapes and an abundance of activities.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Anne Frank House

History is written by its victors, but this particular piece of history was written by plain Anne Frank who had hoped to become a journalist.

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Arboretum Trompenburg

Take an invigorating walk through Rotterdam’s idyllic garden paradise.

Maastricht, Netherlands

Basilica of Our Lady

A stunning Roman Catholic parish church with Romanesque architecture.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Begijnhof, Amsterdam

One of the oldest housing complexes in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Bijbels Museum

See your favourite Bible stories come to life in the Bijbels Museum.

The Hague, Netherlands


Binnenhof is not only the heart of Holland’s past, but also where the country’s future is carved.

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