Top 308 destinations in Switzerland

Aargau, Switzerland

Aarburg Castle

An enchanting fortress with a dark past.

Meiringen, Switzerland

Aare Gorge


Bern, Switzerland

Aare River

Picture perfect.

Aigle, Switzerland

Aigle Castle (Château D’aigle)

The King of Wines resides behind the battlements of Aigle Castle.

Graubünden, Switzerland

Albula Pass

Valleys, nature reserves and snowcapped peaks are strung along the chain of Albula Pass.

Riederalp, Switzerland

Aletsch Glacier

Through 18,000 years of snow, wind and weather was born the massive serpent of Aletsch Glacier.

Andermatt, Switzerland


A sheltered cove of festive delights at a crossroads in the heart of Gotthard.

Bern, Switzerland


A statue commemorating the founder of Bern’s first hospital.

Basel, Switzerland

Antikenmuseum Basel und Sammlung Ludwig

The only place in Switzerland to explore the vibrant culture of the Mediterranean.

Appenzell, Switzerland


Each house a masterpiece and each street a moving canvas to be discovered.

Lausanne, Switzerland

AQUATIS Aquarium-Vivarium

AQUATIS: A Noah’s ark of the future for creatures fleeing the tainted waters of the world.

Ascona, Switzerland


Picture the idyllic cafes, vintage streets and charms of St Tropez without any of the crowds or noise.

Basel, Switzerland

Augusta Raurica

There’s a reason why Rome was the chosen city for the well-known quote “Rome was not built in a day” – it’s simply impossible to imagine the glory of this Roman relic could be accomplished so quickly.

Grindelwald, Switzerland

Bachalpsee Lake

With the mountain breeze against your face and the glittering waters of a private lake at your feet, the Bachalpsee Lake is an oasis of tranquility set aside just for you.

Zürich, Switzerland


A curious medley of Belle Epoque complexes and curved mirrors of glass reflecting modernity and growth.

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