Big Island, United States of America
Akaka Falls State Park

A small park hiding astounding natural treasures.

Tall, majestic and just a little intimidating, Akaka Falls is a 422-foot waterfall, part of the Kolekole Stream cloaked in the dense rainforests of Hilo, Hawaii. Naturally, it’s the jewel of Akaka Falls State Park, and is one of the two waterfalls you can find in the park’s easy and accessible hiking trail. The other waterfall in Akaka Falls State Park is Kahuna Falls. Although it’s less impressive, standing at just over 100 feet tall, it’s no less beautiful.

You can walk along the half-mile trail in Akaka Falls State Park to see both waterfalls. This gentle trail is actually a long wooden boardwalk which takes you through the lush emerald rainforest, with viewing platforms to get amazing views of both Akaka and Kahune. The waterfalls are surrounded by thriving greenery, making for a spectacular, enchanting and almost fantasy-like scene that you can’t miss.

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Tips Before You Go
For the best possible experience, visit the park on a weekday between 9 to 11 in the morning – it’s too early to be crowded, but there’ll still be plenty of sunlight illuminating the falls.
Akaka Falls Rd, Honomu, HI 96728, USA