Top 1290 Historic Sites in the world

Liverpool, England

20 Forthlin Road (Paul McCartney)

One-quarter of the Beatles spent his formative years here.

Aargau, Switzerland

Aarburg Castle

An enchanting fortress with a dark past.

Como, Italy

Abbazia di San Pietro al Monte

A picturesque monastic site adjoined by a beautiful Romanesque Basilica.

Marseille, France

Abbey of Saint-Victor de Marseille

The monument that stands even after a millennium, and then some.

Aswan Governorate, Egypt

Abu Simbel Temples

Giant twin rock temples dedicated to Pharaoh Ramesses II and Queen Nefertari.

Athens, Greece

Acropolis of Athens

An ancient hilltop citadel with a stunning bird’s eye view of the city of Athens.

Malibu, United States of America

Adamson House and Malibu Lagoon Museum

Malibu: A nest of sun, surf and history?

Agadir, Morocco

Agadir Medina

Exuberant street vendors and paved courtyards filled with vibrant colors.

Chania, Greece

Agia Sofia Cave

Stand in awe of the magnificent Agia Sofia Cave, one of the most impressive wonders nature has to offer.

Easter Island, Chile

Ahu Tahai

An island of stone men stuck in time, adrift on the Pacific Ocean.

Easter Island, Chile

Ahu Tongariki

15 monolithic giants.

Aigle, Switzerland

Aigle Castle (Château D’aigle)

The King of Wines resides behind the battlements of Aigle Castle.

Maharashtra, India

Ajanta Caves

Ancient caves that depict a religion.

Ingavi Province, Bolivia

Akapana Pyramid

A mysterious marvel of ancient engineering.

Akashi, Japan

Akashi Castle (明石城)

Mostly gone but not forgotten.

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