Seville, Spain
Alamillo Park

Find respite from Seville’s blazing heat at this beautiful park.

Alamillo Park started out with an area of 10 hectares - and it has since expanded over tenfold. This metropolitan park is an unlikely area in the busy city of Seville, but it never fails to impress and provide plenty of entertainment for its visitors. Alamillo Park started out at the nursery during the Universal Exposition of Seville (Expo ’92) and it has since grown to have a botanical collection consisting of more than a 100 different species. There’s even a greenhouse here! Enjoy a relaxing stroll around the two lakes - Lake Maggiore and Minor Lake - and keep an eye out for unabashed songbirds.

There are over a 100 species of birds in the park, which is sure to delight any bird-watcher. You might even spot a rabbit hopping past! A mother duck swims past in the lake, accompanied by her adorable ducklings who might cause a splash or two. Your kids, too, are bound to have a whale of fun at the play areas and you can get your daily workout while jogging along the well-paved paths. Cyclists enjoying the extensive lanes from the city can head right in and breathe in the unmistakable tang of bitter orange. Kids and adults alike will be delighted by the miniature railway track which offers steam and electric locomotives! If you’re in Seville looking for a much-needed break from the bustle of the crowd, Alamillo Park is the place to be.

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Tips Before You Go
If you drop by during July and August, you can participate in the \"Summertime Alamillo\" cultural activities which include performances, rides, and theatre among many others.
Parque del Alamillo, Calle Alamillo, 41092 Sevilla, Spain