Island of Kauai, United States of America
Allerton Garden

Get in touch with nature at the magnificent Allerton Gardens.

Beautiful groves of majestic trees, spectacular water features and sublime landscaping fill Hawaii’s Allerton Garden, a natural paradise with a history that dates back to the 17th century. Named one of the “50 Places of a Lifetime” by National Geographic Traveller, Allerton Garden’s peaceful atmosphere and elegant, regal groves of trees will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

The first person who turned this patch of land into a garden was Queen Emma. She planted rose apples, mangoes, bamboo and other foreign plants, some of which are still part of the garden today. However, it was Robert and John Gregg Allerton who turned the collection of exotic plants into the a beautifully landscaped retreat into nature.

Today, visitors will be treated to exotic palm trees, vibrant anthuriums and Polynesian plants. You might find the Moreton Bay Fig Trees, with their gigantic curving roots, highly familiar, as these very trees were featured in “Jurassic Park”. Another attraction is the bamboo grove, which is one of the most tranquil and soothing gardens in Allerton Garden.

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Tips Before You Go
You can book guided tours to see all the highlights of Allerton Garden on their website.
4425 Lawai Rd, Koloa, HI 96756, USA