Akashi, Japan
Akashi Park

Floral fun for the family.

To experience the true beauty of Hyōgo-ken, Akashi Park is the perfect spot. Well-known as a great venue for hanami, or flower-viewing, you can appreciate the cherry blossoms in full bloom here. There is even a garden that you can stroll through while admiring the stunning flora. Your young ones will relish the opportunity to stretch their muscles running around the big open spaces, or in the small playground. So grab your picnic basket, camera, and a flask of green tea and head down to Akashi Park for a day of floral admiration with the entire family.

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Japan, 〒673-0883 Hyōgo-ken, Akashi-shi, Nakasaki, 1 Chome−5−1, 明石市役所本庁舎窓口棟