Amsterdam, Netherlands
A’DAM Lookout and Over The Edge Swing

Daredevils will delight in Europe’s highest swing, offering unparalleled panoramic views of the amazing city of Amsterdam.

A’DAM Lookout is situated atop the A’DAM Tower in Amsterdam North, and offers visitors stunning panoramic views of the Amsterdam city skyline and landscape, including the historical city centre and the famous canal system that snakes throughout the urban metropolis. ‘Over the Edge’ is Europe’s highest swing and offers daredevils and thrill-seekers the same spectacular views of Amsterdam, but with a thrilling twist. The brave souls who choose to go on ‘Over the Edge’ will swing 100 meters above the ground and over the edge of A’DAM Tower, with Amsterdam below their feet.

Separate tickets are needed for the observation deck and the swing, but is definitely worth the money as the views and experience on the swing are out of this world. The elevator that takes visitors up to the observation deck also offers a brief light show that is both interesting and fun. Once atop the tower, lounge at any of the bars and restaurants available at the observation deck and enjoy the spectacular views of Amsterdam city with a well-deserved drink in hand.

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Tips Before You Go
Free ferry rides at regular intervals are available at the back of Amsterdam Centraal station to bring visitors to A’DAM Lookout and Over the Edge Swing.
Visitors can get 2 digital photos at the attraction for free by following the link on the card that is given to all visitors after an obligatory green screen photo opportunity.
Overhoeksplein, 5, 1031 KS Amsterdam, Netherlands