Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam Centraal Station

The transport hub of Amsterdam has everything a traveler could possibly need, housed within a beautiful building.

Inside a stately Neo-Renaissance building lies a modern transport hub and centre of everyday city life: the Amsterdam Centraal Station. Built on a series of artificial islands and designed by Pierre J.H. Cuypers, the architect of the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam Centraal Station is both an engineering marvel and a work of art. With its brick-red façade, majestic towers and elegant arched windows, the splendid building resembles more a palace than a train station.

The station houses train lines connecting Amsterdam to other European cities such as Brussels, Cologne and Paris, as well as public transport within the city itself. It also contains a large shopping mall full of shops and restaurants, a tourist information centre and currency exchange facilities, making it a convenient checkpoint for travelers and tourists.

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Tips Before You Go
Although the station is rather safe, do watch out for pickpockets who take advantage of the bustling activity to target flustered and careless travelers.
Stationsplein, 1012 AB Amsterdam, Netherlands