Amsterdam, Netherlands
Allard Pierson Museum

Come and experience the historical wonders of the old world in Amsterdam’s only archaeological museum.

Ever held a fascination for the ancient civilizations of the Egyptians and the Greeks and the Romans? Or been intrigued by well-preserved artifacts of the past? Regardless of your interest, the Allard Pierson Museum will definitely have something to blow you away. The museum is named after the first professor of classical archaeology in the University of Amsterdam, who still works closely with them today. From ancient bowls to plaster cats, the exhibits at the museum are presented in a dynamic and engaging fashion, proving that the past is not dead after all. A computer even prints out your name in hieroglyphics!

For example, one fascinating exhibit they have is called the Crossroads, which tells the story of the birth of Europe in the Dark Ages via the presentation of its physical remnants. The dynamism and change of Europe during that period is evident from the beautifully preserved artifacts housed in the museum, and elaborated on in a clear manner by the accompanying descriptions. So come and experience the lost and long-hidden wonders of the old world, we guarantee you will be swept away!

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Tips Before You Go
It is difficult to park near the museum area, but is easily accessible from the Central station; hence going there by tram is recommended. You definitely cannot miss the museum’s ArchaeoHotspot, where visitors are able to chat with archaeologists and expert-volunteers in the field, while attempting some amateur artifact restoration.
Oude Turfmarkt 127, 1012 GC Amsterdam, Netherlands