Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam Tulip Museum

For those eager to learn the history of the Netherlands’ love for the Tulip.

Widely associated with the Netherlands, the tulip has long held a fascination in the minds of artists, designers and filmmakers alike. Why not take a visit to the small private museum that keeps the secrets of this deceptively simple flower? You may be surprised to learn that it’s not actually native to the Netherlands, but was first discovered growing wild in Turkey and subsequently imported. If the term ‘tulip mania’ is familiar to you, the museum also has multimedia presentations detailing the history of the biggest investment bubble before bitcoin. With its fun and colorful exhibits, the museum is also a draw for children.

Visits can last anything from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how deeply you wish to explore. To whet your appetite further, they sell beautiful fresh specimens of tulips in the gift shop, and bulbs certifiable for the USA! If live items are not your cup of tea, there are also many unique tulip-themed souvenirs not sold elsewhere. Overall, the Tulip Museum is a quaint experience truly characteristic of the Dutch atmosphere.

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Tips Before You Go
The museum is closed on King’s Day (April 27th) and Christmas Day (December 25th), so do check the dates if you are in Amsterdam around that period. Otherwise, getting there should be a breeze. It is located directly opposite the Anne Frank House, and easily accessible by car or tram.
Prinsengracht 116, 1015 EA Amsterdam, Netherlands