Amsterdam, Netherlands
Anne Frank House

History is written by its victors, but this particular piece of history was written by plain Anne Frank who had hoped to become a journalist.

It all begun with books that a child felt she had to write, to chronicle the events she and her family had found themselves amidst the turmoil of World War 2. And from the very same books, as if it had grown from the very ink used to pen the words of suffering in time of uncertainty and vigilance, a building has been raised in memoriam of her tribulations- the very same building that she had hidden in where she had written her diaries before the Nazi Germans stormed the secret annex. And it is with this knowledge as we enter this museum that it adds so much significance and a sense of reverence for the history that it contains, as we walk in Anne Frank’s shoes where she was confined for 2 years before being forcibly removed. The space she had inhabited with 8 others has been preserved and maintained to immaculate detail, adding full effect when immersing ourselves to synchronise with her own experiences of the walls with yellow wallpaper that protected the 2 families within, the brown desk where she had used to write her diaries, the beddings in which the occupants surely had their fair share of nightmares and sweet dreams in, and the green paint of the window frames to windows that were constantly blackened during the day. Giving more context still are her diaries that have been put into full view, displaying the very ink issued from the motions of a child’s hand living in fear for 2 years, the portraits that hang on the walls of the museum taken of her that lends to the imagination the ability to visualise her expressions she could have used while in the secret annex, and the original documents and belongings of their guardians that tell more of the time and of the families’ experience from a 3rd party perspective. If it weren’t for Anne Frank, this piece of history, like so many of common folk, would have been relegated to the annals of history, unrecorded and forced to be unknown to the generations to follow. There is such consolidated collection of information of a different kind here that is omitted from most history textbooks that renders us feeling simultaneously excited and humbled.

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Tips Before You Go
Before visiting the museum, take a gander at the secret annex online to ascertain your interest prior to visiting.
Read \"The Diary of Anne Frank\" to develop a more complete ability to appreciate the experience of learning first-hand of her experiences hiding for 2 years from Nazi Germans.
Prinsengracht 263-267, 1016 GV Amsterdam, Netherlands