Aigle, Switzerland
Aigle Castle (Château D’aigle)

The King of Wines resides behind the battlements of Aigle Castle.

Every glass of wine has a story to tell and the one in your hands right now began in Rhone Valley of Switzerland. The plump grapes which were distilled to become the clear liquid before you originate from the many acres of twisting vines found around the base of a Chateau. Unlike the processing factory you might be expecting, this wine was concocted in the rooms of the Chateau D’Aigle, a 12th Century Castle which only began its career in the wine industry in the mid 1970s. Brought across sentries’ walls and armories, torture chambers and towers, this bottle has seen much in its days.

Separate rooms with colorful digital displays and engaging narration aid in understanding what these fruits are about to undergo, physical implements as an aid to internalizing the process. Presses, decanters and finally within a bottle, the final wine created has been through every step. Even the average person walking in could have made use of the touch screen to bring together a medley of element before receiving a hazard at what the new creation might taste like. Sipping at the attractive liquid, its rich beginnings slip down your throat to become a part you.

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Tips Before You Go
In the fields of Rhone, the wine of choice is often the dry white mix created from the Chasselas grape variety. In the castle’s cellar, one can enter the realm of the vintner after traipsing through Castle D’Aigles corridors in order to take part in wine tasting events and sessions held regularly as part of the castle’s Wine and Vine Museum.
Place du Château 1, 1860 Aigle, Switzerland