Bern, Switzerland
Aare River

Picture perfect.

Sunlight tinges the crystal clear turquoise waters of the longest river flowing entirely in Switzerland, making it shimmer and glow with pristine, ethereal beauty. Looping around the charming city of Bern, the river adds to the picturesque city landscape of the Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, making it the pride and joy of the local Bernese. More than a scenic attraction, the Aare river once served to fortify the city of Bern and protected it from foreign armies, especially during the medieval period of the Middle ages.

Today, the Aare river is the unofficial playground of the Bernese, and is a rite of passage for all visitors keen on immersing themselves in an authentic Bern experience. During hot summer days, visitors can luxuriate in the cool, turquoise waters of the Aare river, and float to their next destination whilst enjoying a stunning cityscape of the Old Town above them. Adventure lovers and thrill seekers will be spoilt for choice with a wide variety of exciting activities at the Aare river, including swimming, river surfing, rafting, stand-up paddling and tubing, whilst hiking enthusiasts can choose to explore an unconventional path around the lovely city of Bern and be inspired by this wonderful gem of mother nature. Along the way, visitors can check out the imposing Nydeggbrucke bridge, which connects the old and new parts of Bern and stands as a Swiss heritage site of national significance.

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Tips Before You Go
Visitors are recommended to view the Aare river from the new part of town for beautiful panoramic views of the cityscape at night. Visitors are also recommended to visit the following destinations for impressive views of the river Aare: Rose Garden, the Bear Park, Kornhausbrücke (Granary Bridge), Schwellenmätteli, Freibad Marzili (Marzili pool), Monbijoubrücke (Monbijou Bridge), Lorrainebrücke (Lorraine Bridge) and Untertorbrücke (Untertor Bridge).
Nydeggbrücke, 3011 Bern, Switzerland