Meiringen, Switzerland
Aare Gorge


The nearly 200-metre deep Aare Gorge brings visitors through a memorable passage of time, and stands as a historical natural landmark that was derived as a result of limestone rocks (the “Kirchet”) which hindered the flow of the river Aare as it meandered lazily through the vast valleys of the Central Alps, stretching from the Grimsel Pass to the Lake of Brienz. Over the course of a millennia, the pristine, turquoise waters of the Aare river eroded various paths through this unique rock formation to give rise to the Aare Ravine today.

Hiking enthusiasts and nature lovers will enjoy hiking through the 1.4-kilometre long gorge, which can easily be traversed via a maze of safety bridges and tunnels. The explanations provided along the walkway provide fascinating insight into the history and development of the gorgeous Aare Gorge, and make for an unforgettable adventure through this unique natural wonder. From the Meiringen side of the gorge, visitors can estimate about 40 minutes to complete the hike to the equally breathtaking Innertkirchen side of the Aare Gorge.

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Tips Before You Go
Visitors are advised to bring a jacket as the interior of the gorge can get quite chilly.
There is a parking lot (free parking!) at the Meiringen side of the gorge, and restaurants are available on both sides of the entrances to the gorge.
Visitors are recommended to combine the visit to the Aare Gorge with the stunning Reichenbach Falls located close by, and can purchase a combination ticket to save on costs for both attractions.
Aareschlucht, 3860 Meiringen, Switzerland