Aargau, Switzerland
Aarburg Castle

An enchanting fortress with a dark past.

Cast your eye towards the steep, rocky hills looming above Aarburg and you will be met with the grand Aarburg castle that dominates the scene. Built in classic medieval style, the spired towers, elegant white facade and rustic red roofs are a charming sight. However, the history of this castle is far from pleasant. Initially an arsenal and barracks, later evolving into a prison to discipline juvenile criminals and “scoundrels” in the 19th century, the castle walls have bore witness to less than tasteful scenes. Starkly at odds with its graceful exterior, it still today retains its function as an institution for young offenders. Fortunately, the institute has come a long way, now focussing on rehabilitation and education. The castle looks out onto a serene lake, and green trees are nestled in the nooks and crannies surrounding it, making it a picturesque view worth a snapshot any day.

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Tips Before You Go
The castle is usually closed to the public but guided tours are offered on Saturdays in the summer months.
Festung Aarburg, Palisadenweg, 4663 Aarburg, Switzerland