Bergen, Norway
Bergenhus Fortress

A medieval fortress with gorgeous stone architecture.

Jan's fotoside / Wikimedia Commons

As one of the oldest castles in Norway, this time-worn stone fortress casts a rugged yet imposing figure that overshadows any surrounding buildings unlucky enough to have been built in its vicinity. Consisting of Haakon’s Hall and Rosenkrantz Tower, Bergenhus Fortress boasts an intact internal infrastructure and interior décor, unlike most other ancient fortresses. Take a tour through the fortress, where you will get to explore its dark and damp dungeons where prisoners were kept, and where ghosts are most likely to roam. Or perhaps you would rather see the cannons and imagine yourself as a soldier fighting in ancient battles. Nevertheless, it would be a shame if you did not walk on the scenic grounds and admire the vastness of nature that surrounds this fortress. History buffs may find a visit to the in-house museum a necessity, seeing as it features fascinating exhibitions such as the history of the fortress, as well as the resistance movement around Bergen in the 1940s. Haakon’s Hall is also occasionally used for concerts and banquets, its impressive structure an unexpectedly fitting place to host such events. Delve into the heart of Bergen’s enigmatic history come alive here at Bergenhus Fortress, and you might just set yourself up for a treat.

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Tips Before You Go
Check the weather forecast beforehand and hope that the day will be full of clear skies, because that would ensure that your views up on the rooftop will be simply sublime.
Vågen, 5003 Bergen, Norway