Oslo, Norway
Akershus Fortress

Where military history and architecture meet.

If military history and architecture is something that you are interested in, then look no further than this formidable monument. The Akershus Fortress, located in Oslo, Norway, has withstood the test of time and battle, and is now a tourist attractions waiting for visitors such as yourself to enter. Initially built as a castle in the 1300s, the structure was converted into a fortress in the 16th century, serving as a protector from enemy sieges. It went through many changes again later, eventually being modelled to become a Renaissance castle. Make your trip of the fortress more fruitful by starting off at the visitor’s centre, where you can acquire a map of the grounds, and take in centuries worth of Norwegian history. From the fortress, you can get some amazing views of the area nearby, including the pristine harbor. Head to the Akershus Fortress for a taste of Oslo’s past. The trip down memory lane will surely leave you in awe.

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Tips Before You Go
Go for a guided tour of the fortress to gain a deeper understanding of its history. Unfortunately, this is only available every day during the summer months, although it is also made available on weekends during the rest of the seasons. It’s best to visit on a clear sunny day, because the view from the top of the fortress will be absolutely breath-taking. What’s more, you’ll get absolutely gorgeous photos as well!
0150 Oslo, Norway