Ålesund, Norway
Ålesund Church

Quaint, tree-lined parish church in the heart of the town of Ålesund.

Built with a mix of concrete and Norwegian marble, Ålesund Church is a gorgeously variegated church building dressed in a pleasing mix of browns and greys. Despite its simple exterior, brilliant frescoes decorate every inch of the church’s pulpit in a resplendent palette of colours. In fact, it is so vivid that you might not even notice the stained glass nestled within. The broad window of stained glass itself is a sight to behold, with its vibrant colours depicting the iconic image of Jesus Christ crucified as his followers look on. The simple wooden pews stand in stark contrast to the dazzling pulpit, which both combine to form a memorable architectural wonder that is Ålesund Church. Make a quick prayer within the church, or have a quiet stroll through the lovely adjoining graveyard – Ålesund Church is an under-the-radar stop that will be worth every second of your time.

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Tips Before You Go
While tourists typically visit this beautiful church to see the stained glass, another hidden gem here is the organ which you can listen to. In fact, if you’re lucky enough, you might just end up finding yourself inside the church in the middle of a wedding. That would be the best opportunity to listen to the organ being played, and you will definitely be able to feel your hairs standing on end due to how haunting it sounds.
Kirkegata 2, 6004 Ålesund, Norway