Alta, Norway
Alta Museum

Get a glimpse into ancient life.

If anyone believes that art is only art if confined to a canvas or a piece of paper, you can prove them wrong at the Alta Museum in Alta, Norway. Home to the largest collection of rock art made by hunter-gatherers in North Europe, this Rock Art centre has works dating back to 7000 years ago! Because of its historical importance as Norway’s sole prehistoric site, the rock art has been bestowed the honour of being classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Witness with your own eyes the thoughts and culture reflected by the carvers, seeing their depictions of figures including people, animals, and daily activities in the rocks. Gain some insight into life millenniums ago by visiting the Alta Museum.

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Tips Before You Go
You can opt for the guided tour that takes 45-50 minutes, and even rent an audio guide to better understand what is showcased at the museum.
During the winter, the carvings showcased outside are likely to be blanketed by snow. Therefore, do consider visiting during the other seasons for the full experience.
Altaveien 19, 9518 Alta, Norway