Chania, Greece
Agia Sofia Cave

Stand in awe of the magnificent Agia Sofia Cave, one of the most impressive wonders nature has to offer.

Behind a deceptively small entrance looms the enormous Agia Sofia Cave. Filled with stalagmites, stalactites and even a chapel, the cave, rumoured to have never been completely explored, stirs the imagination with its air of grandeur and mystery.

The church is built into the cave, bounded by neat stone walls to separate it from the rest of the cave. This simple church has a bell suspended in a stone arch, and a small wood altar surrounded by faded paintings of Jesus and Mary. Though not as spectacular as the sparkling cathedrals and churches found elsewhere in the world, the Agia Sofia Church evokes the same feelings of reverence from its visitors through its mystical location.

Containing stalagmites and stalactites growing up to 5m in height, the rest of the cave will blow you away with the magnificence of nature’s work. The rock formations take on all sorts of shapes, and some are covered with velvety green moss. At once both grotesque and fantastic, the Agia Sofia Cave is as eerie and mysterious as Aladdin’s Cave of Wonders.

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Tips Before You Go
Bring a flashlight along, as the cave stretches so high that you won’t be able to see the top of the stalactites without some extra light.
Minoa Pediada 734 00, Greece