Aswan, Egypt
El-Tabia Mosque

Upon the grounds where a war was waged and lives were robbed a haven of peace was raised in the form of the graceful El-Tabia Mosque.

The twin minarets of the El-Tabia Mosque are a conspicuous landmark within the city of Aswan as you meander through the narrow streets in the vicinity. Landscaped gardens pruned to perfection are found bordering the perimeters of the mosque but they are a mere appetiser. Vestibules and archways found within the mosque are defining features of the Mamluk architectural pattern that runs through the very foundation of the site. Though this style dates back several hundred years, the mosque itself is a modern work of art, issued by President Anwar Sadat in the 1970s. Its name, meaning ‘The Fortress’, is in reference to the fortress and military school that once crowned the hill during the independence struggle of Egypt. Following the change of hands, the defenses were quickly decommissioned and given a new lease of life.

Today, tourists can marvel at the traditional Islamic architectural styles that manifests through embellishments and engravings in alabaster and marble. Stained glass windows filter the warm sunlight to cast a rainbow upon the gleaming floors while suspended glass lanterns showcase inscriptions of the Quran. Visitors are often overwhelmed by the level of detail and attention placed on every feature both within the mosque and beyond it. Dazed by the level of thought put into the El-Tabia Mosque, you will walk away amazed by the skill of the architects and craftsmen set to task on this mosque. Few would disagree that it is truly a citadel of peace within the city.

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Tips Before You Go
Before visiting, you should do a brief check that your head and shoulders are completely covered while your clothes extend till your knees and lower. The mosque doesn’t take long to walk through since there’s only one chamber to be seen, but the there is a simple garden that can be enjoyed after exiting the mosque.
Sheyakhah Thalethah, Qism Aswan, Aswan Governorate, Egypt