Cairo, Egypt
Cairo Tower

This tower was once the tallest in Egypt and even North Africa for nearly 50 years!

The Cairo Tower, or Borg Al-Qahira, is a free-standing concrete tower situated in Cairo, Egypt. At 187m, it was the tallest structure in North Africa for nearly 50 years. It remained the tallest in Africa for 10 years until 1971 when the Hillbrow Tower was built. As one of Cairo’s most well-known modern structures, it is sometimes considered Egypt’s second most famed landmark after the Pyramids of Giza. The tower was conceptualised by architect Naoum Shebib and its partly open lattice-work design is meant to evoke a pharaonic lotus plant which is symbolic of ancient Egypt. In fact, you might mistake the tower for a relic of the past when you visit, as its design is highly evocative of ancient Egyptian landmarks. The tower has a circular observation deck and a rotating restaurant, which attracts guests from all over who seek beautiful views as they partake in a traditional Egyptian meal. Providing stunning panoramic views over the city of Cairo, one rotation takes about 70 minutes and is certainly not to be missed if you visit the tower! Hopefully you don’t have motion sickness though.

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Tips Before You Go
The best time to visit is in the evening as you get to see the city lights from the top while enjoying a scrumptious meal. However, do take note that there is only one elevator here, so you can expect long waiting times if there are large crowds visiting. This is more applicable on the weekends though
Cairo Tower, Giza Governorate, Egypt