Oslo, Norway
Bygdøy Peninsula

A place of culture that nature lovers cannot miss.

For you museum hoppers and nature lovers visiting Oslo, the Bygdøy Peninsula is the ideal place for you to get your journey started. Located on the western side of Oslo, the peninsula is home to some of the city’s most popular museums. Learn about the history of Vikings at the Viking Ship museum, or get a better understanding of Norway’s history at the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History. If you want to immerse yourself in a little bit of nature between your sightseeing, there are beaches to fulfill your desire. Breathe in the fresh air while walking or cycling along one of the many trails available. If you are travelling with children, then they will definitely be thrilled to see some adorable farm animals at the Bygdøy Royal Manor, a fully functioning organic farm. There is something for everyone over here, so don’t forget to drop by when you are in Oslo.

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Tips Before You Go
During the summer months, you might want to consider taking a boat here. The boat ride only takes about 15 minutes at most, and they can be easily boarded near City Hall. Since there is so much to see over here, you might want to dedicate an entire day just to visit this wonderful place.
Bygdoy, Oslo, Oslo 0286, Norway