Istanbul, Turkey
Büyükada (Big Island)

Get far away from the maddening crowd in Istanbul and come up close with nature.

The largest of Istanbul's Princes Islands, Büyükada is also the most popular. Be charmed by the authentic period atmosphere as you admire the well-preserved Ottoman-Victorian houses with their elaborate architecture and beautiful gardens. A short stroll through the historic Ottoman Ferry Terminal will lead you into the heart of Büyükada’s town, which is lined with shops, restaurants and hotels. Visit the iconic Clock Tower and explore the area on either a horse carriage or a bicycle in this car and motorbike-free town.

After feasting on Turkish delights and ice-cream, be sure to sweat it all out by hiking up the hill where the Aya Yorgi Church stands. This is where you will be able to catch the incredible sunset over the Sea of Marmara. A romantic walk along the beaches under the canopies of pine trees is another a great way to relax.

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Tips Before You Go
To get here, you will need to take a ferry. Locals recommend visiting on a weekday instead of a weekend for a good sailing experience. The ferries are packed on weekends with tourists from all over the world, and if you were looking for a relaxing time at Büyükada, well, the ferry ride itself will tell you that your plans are simply not to be. Weekdays are better if you wish to explore the charms of Büyükada without hordes of tourists at every turn. Avoid the restaurants near the jetty too. These cater to tourists and therefore cost a lot more than the other small eateries on the island.
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