Palawan, Philippines
Busuanga Island

This island hides untold secrets.

Philippines is known for its multitude of holidaying islands, but it doesn’t get much better than Busuanga Island. Largely undiscovered by the wider tourist community, it’s a small strip of paradise that’s perfect for a weekend island getaway. In addition to the typical beach experience of soft sand and clear waters, Busuanga is known for its fascinating hiking trails and immense diving potential. Any trip here is a discovery, no matter how brief it is. Although it’s already one of the more developed islands in the Palawan group, most of it is still extremely rural and somewhat inaccessible. Of course, this just makes it the perfect adventurer’s destination, especially if you’re looking for a place that’s slightly off the beaten track. So hop on your bicycle or motorbike and try to find your way around; there’s no knowing what surprises lie in store. And if the ocean is more your cup of tea, you’ll be happy to find out that Busuanga is also well-known as a wreck diving attraction. Many Japanese wrecks sunk by American navy bombings during World War II lie at the bottom of the ocean, patiently awaiting your discovery. So don’t wait any longer—grab the chance to explore Busuanga Island now!

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Tips Before You Go
If you’re looking to go island-hopping during your stay at Busuanga, maximize your private boat hire by requesting the fishermen to buy seafood from the Coron market and cook it for lunch. And don’t forget to ask your accommodation to book this in advance!
Busuanga Island, Philippines