Brač, Croatia

Rest and relaxation or strenuous exercise – you can do it all at Brač.

Spanning an area of 396 km², Brač is a Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea. With its peak (Vidova Gora) measuring at 778m, Brač is the tallest island in Croatia. Nature lovers will revel in all that this island has to offer. Adventurous hikers can attempt to scale Vidova Gora, but make sure you are physically fit before doing so. Aleppo pine trees can be found in abundance in the higher parts of the island too.

Don't miss out on the Zlatni Rat, known for its beautiful white sands and crystal clear waters. Though the beach stretches out for 1km, its exact location is not as fixed as you may think. Due to currents and wind changes, the peak of the beach may shift, changing its shape. Legend has it that some of the pebbles on the beach have magical powers, but you have to see it to believe it!

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Tips Before You Go
Brač is the closest experience to an island paradise that you will ever get. It is incredibly peaceful, and is the destination of choice for those looking to just relax and unwind. Those planning to hike the Vidova Gora should be physically and mentally prepared as the ascent is not easy at all. Food and water are vital, so make sure to bring plenty of them if you are going hiking. Besides that, there are a ton of activities available such as wind-surfing and snorkelling. This island paradise does indeed have something for everyone.
Brač, Croatia