Dahab, Egypt
Blue Hole

A beautiful submarine sinkhole which is bound to be a diver’s paradise!

The Blue Hole is a diving site on the southeast of Sinai, just a few kilometres north of Dahab, Egypt on the coast of the Red Sea. It is a submarine sinkhole, reaching up to an incredible depth of 100m. A shallow opening presents itself into the sea, which is about 6m deep, with there being a 26m long tunnel can actually reach the sea at about 120m deep! The hole and its vicinity is populated with coral and a wide variety of marine life. It is a perfect spot for free diving because the depth is easily accessible from shore and there are hardly any currents present. A dive here would be extremely relaxing, especially as you’ll get to escape from the scorching Egyptian heat. What’s more, the lack of currents would allow you to take your own sweet time to admire the extremely diverse and colourful ecosystem here, without having to worry about being swept away. But those who are superstitious might want to stay away though. There is a local legend that purports that the Blue Hole is cursed by a female ghost who committed suicide there to escape an arranged marriage. While you might not encounter any such ghosts, the Blue Hole has been known to be one of the most dangerous and deadliest dive sites in the world, with an average of 40 deaths yearly. The cause of death is still a mystery however, so perhaps that curse is indeed real.

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Tips Before You Go
If you plan to dive here, make sure that you have all the proper equipment. It might actually be better to get a certified dive guide to accompany you just in case. And once you’re famished, you can easily find a place to eat too, as there are tons of eateries nearby.
Abu Galum, Qesm Saint Katrin, South Sinai Governorate 46617, Egypt