Jeju City, South Korea
Biyangdo Island (비양도)

Discover the little paradise known as ‘the island that flew’.

A beautiful masterpiece by Mother Nature, Biyangdo Island was formed as a result of a volcanic eruption about 1000 years ago. A haven for hikers, photographers and tourists, it is possible to stroll around the island’s circumference and even scale up to its peak in just two hours! Gaze upon the stunning views of Jeju Island and the mesmerising sea from the top. Look out for the magnificent Biyangbong Peak, which has 6 summits, 2 fascinating craters and an incredible rock that resembles a woman with a baby on her back.

All that climbing would have made you hungry, and with only about 100 inhabitants, there are a few restaurants on Biyangdo Island where you can taste the freshest seafood. Try the delectable turban shell congee or buy some fish straight from the local fishermen. Savour the freshness of the sea with every bite, and admire all that nature has to offer on this beautiful little island.

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Tips Before You Go
If you’re planning to explore the entire island, then it is highly recommended that you bring a towel and water bottle along with you. Bring along your passports too, because tourists are required to show them when purchasing ferry tickets to the island.
제주시 한림읍 비양도