Fort William, Scotland
Ben Nevis

Do not be confused, this Ben is not the Big Ben found in London.

As with every mountain, it is often the highest mountains that gains the most popularity, and Ben Nevis is no exception to that! Just like the Big Ben in London, Ben Nevis or also known as “The Ben” stands majestically at a height of 1345 metres. Now, it seems that Bens generally have a knack for being tall…

Yet, Ben Nevis stands out from London’s Big Ben, a hotspot for climbers, trekkers and mountaineers of differing skill levels. Taking up an intrusive spot in Britain’s horizon, the collapsed down of an ancient volcano offers many different types of climbs. From amateurs just seeking a walk, to higher levels of difficulty, varying in walks, ice climbs and even rock climbs! Many have embarked on the popular Mountain track, a convenient and easy way to start off your journey here. Taking you approximately 4 hours, the climb is well-worth the views. As you make your way up, you will be greeted by sheep, trotting and making their way around effortlessly. Exhausted and envious of these sheep? Don’t be! Being able to see these sheep is a reminder that you are actually close to the end! Those looking to climb can opt to head to the north face of the mountain, providing you with challenging ascents, sure to test your wits. At the end of the day, regardless the path you choose, as you reach the summit, you are definitely rewarded with stunning views of Britain and beyond.

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Tips Before You Go
Walking around here is slippery, so do take care to wear shoes with good grip, preferably trekking shoes as sneakers will cause you to slip and fall. Biking is not recommended.
Ben Nevis, Fort William PH33 6SY, UK