Melbourne, Australia
Beauchamp Falls

A tedious journey, but certainly worth the effort for the stunning Beauchamp Falls.

Nature lovers who are willing to sweat for their passion should pay close attention listen up. Nestled within the Great Otway National Park in Melbourne lies the Beauchamp Falls. This 20m waterfall requires some effort to reach, but it is definitely worth it. It takes approximately 60-75 minutes to cover the 3km round trip on foot, during which you will observe Myrtle Beech and Blackwood trees, as well as thick ferns. Simply start your journey at Aire Valley Road from Beech Forest Road, before heading downhill towards the Little Aire Creek. Be warned though that this journey is not for everyone. Some areas are wet and muddy, and you may encounter unwelcome hosts such as snakes or creepy crawlies. As such, it is important to be both physically and mentally prepared before you undertake this journey.

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Tips Before You Go
It is recommended that you bring plenty of water as well as a towel. The trek is not particularly easy and will definitely leave you sweating profusely. Make sure you wear good hiking shoes too, as they have better grip when it comes to walking on wet and muddy surfaces. Insect repellent is also recommended, but not necessary.
Beech Forest VIC 3237, Australia