Giza, Egypt
Bawati Museum

A large collection of mummified remains!

Have you always been intrigued by mummies? If the preserved corpses of ancient people fascinate you, then the Bawati Museum is the place to be! Otherwise known as the Antiquities Inspectorate Museum, the museum houses a rich collection of mummies and sarcophagus artefacts. Everywhere you go, you’ll see all sorts of mummies and items meant to help them in the afterlife. Discovered in the late 1990s, these mummies originate from a large burial site believed to contain more than 10,000 mummies. The mummies have ornate masks and jewellery, life-like curly hair and eyelashes. If you look closely enough, they seem as if they are almost alive, which is probably why so many movies depict mummies as coming back to life. But if you were expecting ragged old bones wrapped in linen, then you may be shocked to find that they are actually covered in a layer of gold. Many of them were even buried in pottery coffins, although there are definitely some wrapped in linen cloths. While mummies may be the main attraction here, you’ll be interested to know that these mummies were accompanied by all kinds of amulets and coins in death. It would seem that the Egytians really did take their funerals very seriously. Among the ten mummies within the museum, four are the famous Golden Mummies. Excavation in the Valley of the Golden Mummies have been stopped for some time before the mummies deteriorate and decompose as they are excavated.

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Tips Before You Go
You could easily spend over an hour just walking through the museum and examining the various exhibits here, so do plan your schedule ahead beforehand. Those going with young children should be advised that some of the mummies may be a bit too disturbing for them, especially since they look rather uncanny. If you don’t plan on giving your children nightmares then perhaps you might want to visit elsewhere.
Bahariya Oasis, Giza Governorate, Egypt