Cairo, Egypt
Baron Empain Palace

Also known simply as The Hindu Palace.

Yasser Nazmi / Wikimedia Commons
Manadily / Wikimedia Commons

The Baron Empain Palace, otherwise known as Le Palais Hindou or The Hindu Palace, is a unique and culturally significant Indian-inspired mansion situated in Heliopolis in central Cairo, Egypt. The architecture was conceptualised by French architect Alexandre Marcel and decorated by George-Louis Claude. The palace bears resemblance to the Angkor Wat in Cambodia and was built between 1907 and 1911 with reinforced concrete. It consists of two floors with two additional underground floors which encompass a family mausoleum, kitchen and a servant’s room. The first occupant(s) of the palace itself was none other than the founder Baron Empain himself. He would entertain Egypt’s hotes de marques including King Albert and Queen Elizabeth during the pre WWI visit to Egypt. Today, the palace grounds remain an architectural masterpiece of incredible stories, making it certainly worth a visit.

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Tips Before You Go
You are however, not allowed to enter the interior of the palace - a good look from outside and appreciation of the exterior architecture will suffice.
El-Orouba, El-Montaza, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Egypt