Sydney, Australia
Bare Island

A historic site, snorkeling spot, scuba diving destination – all on one island.

As its name suggests, it is a small bare islet in the South Eastern region of Sydney, within Botany Bay. Back in 1877, this area was deemed as the back door of Sydney, placing the country in a vulnerable position for attacks by sea, and hence a fort was built. However, due to issues during construction, the fort became redundant and turned into a retirement facility for war veterans, before it was declared a historic site and exists as a popular tourist attraction today.

Guided tours are available for those keen on further historic discoveries. Bare Island is also the hottest scuba diving spot in Sydney, and with the chance to see some of Australia’s most colourful marine life, snorkeling is also another popular activity there. Visitors can enjoy island hopping as well as explore the suburb of La Perouse, which can be easily accessed via a footbridge from Bare Island.

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Bare Island, Botany Bay NSW 2019, Australia