Kiryat Shmon, Israel
Banias Waterfall

Discover the hidden gems of the most impressive waterfall in the Holy Land of Israel.

Crowned as the tallest in Israel, the Banias Waterfall originates from the wondrous spring which flows from Mount Hermon. The lush green sanctuary of the Banias Nature Reserve offers great hiking trails which will lead you to the waterfall. Admire the pretty poplars and a myriad of Mediterranean flora and fauna as you follow the clearly marked trails.

See the glistening Govta stream as it flows quietly under an ancient Roman bridge and head for the awesome Officer's Pool - a hot spring, and be amused by the Capoeta Damascena fish swimming happily in the waters. As you continue your exploration, you will be able to hear the majestic sounds of cascading waters, even before your eyes meet the mighty Banias Waterfall. In addition, see the fascinating remnants of the Temple of Banias, which are displayed by five niches carved into a cliff wall. For the adventurous ones, do not miss the remains of the legendary temple built by Herod the Great.

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Tips Before You Go
It is recommended to soak in the gorgeous beauty of the waterfall from the suspension bridge, especially during the winter and springtime where the water is plentiful, misting those standing on the bridge.
Hermon Stream Nature Reserve