Phuket, Thailand
Bang Pae Waterfalls

A mystical water spout found within Tarzan’s home.

One has to cross the eerie remnants of tapped rubber tree plantations in order to even come close to the Khao Phra Thaeo National Park. For 25km2 spread towering bamboos and tropical wooden ancients at the heart of which is a singing spout tumbling over the hillside.

Feeling like Tarzan swinging in the wild, you duck past bent boughs and through hanging vines in search of Bang Pao. You might hear the hair raising chirping chatter of gibbons break the cicada call reverberating throughout the area, adding to the authentic jungle experience. Beyond the narrow streams and small pools along the way filled with a few scattered locals, you reach the Bang Pao. It isn’t a forest tribe that you see here but locals diving off the large boulders at the side and wading in the waters for an escape from the city. As you join in with the water pummeling your back, everything else in the background whites out for a meditative break beneath the waterfall. Tuned into the sounds of the jungle, you are a pilgrim of nature, one with the beating heart of the jungle.

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Tips Before You Go
Generally, Phuket’s dry season is especially harsh in January or February when the falls slow to a trickle. Hence, it’s best to visit from May to November to experience the waterfall at its full strength. Avid hikers, once done with a swim in the waterhole, can also set off on hiking trails in the neighboring hills and countryside during these months.
Pa Klok, Thalang District, Phuket 83110, Thailand