Palawan, Philippines
Bacuit Bay

A remote archipelago in the Philippines boasting one of the most beautiful bays in the world.

The Bacuit Bay has been a major hub of tourism in the Phillipines ever since its accidental discovery by a team of divers in 1979. With crystal clear waters, lush vegetation, towering limestone karsts and over 30 diving spots, the islands in Bacuit Bay are the capital of scuba-diving in the Philippines.

Tours from El Nido (located on Palawan Island) usually spans the whole day, including a lunch break on one of the small islands, but there are some sites that just cannot be missed. The twin lagoons on Miniloc Island offer a mesmerizing landscape that many mistake for a scene straight out of Jurassic Park. During high tide, boats can squeeze through the two high limestone walls, which in turn brings visitors to the ethereal Big Lagoon, with its calm, turqoise waters and serene environment sure to amaze you.. You can even visit the Big Lagoon’s counterpart, the Small Lagoon, with its otherworldly beauty only accessible by kayaking through a small gap in the cliffs. Indeed, many of the isolated locations on Bacuit Bay are only accessible through kayaking.

Of course, you simply cannot miss out on the many “secret” beaches available at the Bacui Bay. While Matinloc Island may have become commercialized with its resort, a secret beach on the island is well-hidden and can only be accessed via an underground tunnel that originates from an inconspicuous hole in the rocks. A favourite of divers, this untouched beach is sure to blow your mind away with its pristine sand and untouched environment.

If you’re not particularly fond of sand and sea, or are simply in the mood for a change, the islands also offer great places to hike including to the top of Cadlao Island, located 640m above sea level, and Pangulasian and Pinabuyutan Islands, also known for the breathtaking views they offer.

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Tips Before You Go
Most day tours from El Nido are part of a larger package that allows you to travel to multiple islands in the Bacuit Bay. Tapuitan Island at Binangculan Bay (a bay within a bay!) is one of the best lunch or rest spots due to its white sand cove and coral garden, so make sure to let your tour operator know to make a stop there.
Bacuit Bay, El Nido, Philippines