Nha Trang, Vietnam
Ba Ho Waterfall

Recharge and challenge yourself with an exciting hike through the jungle before chilling out in crystal clear pools at Ba Ho Waterfall.

A short 40-minute drive north along the coast from Nha Trang City, this secret haven will excite and entice all adventurers and nature enthusiasts alike. Ba Ho Waterfall (colloquially known as Suoi Ba Ho) is comprised of 3 natural waterfalls that converge into a lake surrounded by cool dense foliage, giving it an atmosphere of calm and serenity. Trails are demarcated with several red arrow pointers, and require a moderate level of fitness and agility. Visitors are advised to hike at a pace they deem fit.

The trail to the first waterfall commences with a dirt path and should take about 15 to 30 minutes, before it becomes a challenging hike over large boulders and rocks to get to the second and third waterfalls. Your efforts are duly rewarded with crystal clear pools where you can choose to cool off and revel in wonder at the surrounding nature, having little fish nibble at your toes as you do so is an experience in itself! The adventurous can choose to cliff jump at these pools, with the highest jump at 15 feet, an unforgettable experience for the daredevils of the group. Be sure to wear appropriate shoes, stock up on water and snacks, and bring an extra set of clothes before embarking on this fun-filled adventure through the jungle.

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Tips Before You Go
It is recommended to take the scenic route along the coast from Nha Trang to Ba Ho, admire the picturesque views along the coastline as you do so! If renting a motorcycle, it is advised against travelling solo as flat tyres are common occurrences with the bumpy roads along the way to Ba Ho. Tours are also viable options to access the Ba Ho Waterfall. For the ultimate local experience as well as for budget travellers, pack your own lunch to enjoy it along the river banks like the locals do.
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