Athirappilly, India
Athirappilly Falls

Good enough to star in movies.

Located in Kerala’s Athirappilly Panchayat is the stunning natural wonder that is the Athirappilly Falls, gushing out of the Chalakudy River. At a height of about 25m, this is one of the biggest waterfalls in Kerala, often dubbed the “The Niagara of India”. With a backdrop of a lovely green forest, these falls look like something straight out of a fairytale. In fact, this setting is so beautiful that it has been used as a location to shoot scenes from both South Indian and Bollywood movies, such as the movie “Guru”, starring former Miss World Aishwarya Rai.

The area around the falls is filled with flora and fauna and home to the state bird of Kerala – the great hornbill. To get a fully immersive experience of the region, book one of the popular jungle safari trips, and have a memorable day at the Athirappilly Falls.

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Tips Before You Go
There are no steps for the uphill climb, do tread carefully. A café is situated nearby for a quick bite, alternatively, you can have a picnic at the falls as well. It is best to visit the falls during the months of September till January where both trekking and viewing the falls is safe and convenient.
Athirappilly Water Falls, Pariyaram, Kerala 680724