Alberta, Canada
Athabasca Falls

A beautiful, extensive 80 feet waterfall in Alberta, Canada.

The Athabasca Falls is an extensive waterfall situated in Jasper National Park, which is about 30km away from the town of Jasper in Alberta, Canada. It is a powerful, stunning waterfall which is famously known not for its height but more of the great force generated by the water that drops down the gorge. Even during winter mornings when the water is much colder, you can witness large amounts of it flowing with such a tremendous force. The falls can be safely enjoyed from several viewing platforms and walking trails in the vicinity. The nearest parking lot leads off of Highway 93A which is northeast of where the falls stand. White water rafting is a popular group activity that starts at the foot of the falls where people would travel downstream towards Jasper.

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Tips Before You Go
The best time to visit would be during falls, when the temperatures are much cooler and do you not have to be bothered about sharing this beauty with hordes of visitors as the summer crowd would have left by then. Nonetheless, if you happen to visit during winter, you are advised to rent the ocean shoes with spikes so you do not slip as easily while navigating the falls. Parking is also readily available so you do not have to worry should you be intending to self-drive.
Athabasca Falls, Improvement District No. 12, AB T0E 1E0, Canada