California, United States of America
Anacapa Island

A fun little natural island getaway!

Within the Channel Islands National Park lies Anacapa Island, a small volcanic island made up of three main little islets that are only accessible by boat. This beautiful island is perfect for a natural escape from the city. This stunning islands has gigantic sea cliffs, caves and natural bridges - including the iconic forty-foot tall Arch Rock, from by the weathering of the waves against the volcanic island. Vibrant flowers bloom in winter, transforming the little island into a lush, colourful, photogenic vision. Spend an afternoon birdwatching the numerous birds that call the island their home, observe sea lions and harbour seals on the shores of Anacapa, and enjoy kayaking, snorkelling and even diving in the island’s beautiful kelp forests! Don’t miss out on this beautiful natural paradise, and enjoy an escape from the city at this incredible little island!

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Anacapa Island, California 93001, USA