Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Alserkal Avenue Arts District

A cluster of industrial warehouses with art bursting at its seams.

Behind the sterile, steely façades of monochrome warehouses lies the colourful spirit of Dubai’s burgeoning arts and cultural scene. This is Alserkal Avenue Arts District, an organic space that welcomes both local and international artists to congregate. As a place that seeks to nurture originality and creativity, Alserkal Avenue Arts District is home to a captivating deluge of art galleries, performance spaces, including a cosy black box theatre and an independent cinema, quirky concept fashion boutiques, and trendy cafés. Its sleek, contemporary architecture and design gives way to the overwhelming vibrant atmosphere, food, music, fashion, and art that will colour your experience radiant. Drop by on any day and you will find this thriving space filled with a dazzling array of arts events, workshops, concerts, film screenings, and exhibitions to indulge in. The essence of Alserkal Avenue Arts District is ineffable – you have to see it to know it.

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Street 8 - Al Quoz 1 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates